Capturing Light to Produce Captivating Results

Artist Profile 

Judy Bélanger is an artist and photographer in Westport, Ontario.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Art degree and a Bachelor of Education degree from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario and have taken many photography courses at St. Lawrence College in Kingston. I have been teaching history, visual art and photography at the secondary school level for the last 30 years. 

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Photography is not only a good excuse to get outside; it provides me with a purpose and a way of sharing experiences. It is a passion of mine that has taught me to appreciate what surrounds me, making me aware of the beautiful and not so beautiful. It is a reminder to each of us to look for and see something beyond ourselves and to care about the natural world.

Photography is much more than the literal translation of a scene and that is what sparks my imagination. I love texture, line, and shape, otherwise known as the elements of design that are constantly in consideration as I work. Subject matter varies. I take photographs with the abstract and expressive image in mind and I do not exclude documentary/portrait-type photos, especially with nature and animals.

Creating work in layers or paring elements down to the essentials is how I arrive at the final image. Sometimes, my photographs are vignettes of more complicated scenes with no reference to scale or to the object itself as to what it is. I photographed it simply for one or two characteristics or elements like texture or line on the surface and isolating certain subject matter and presenting them graphically.

I travel across Canada to many locations including the landscape and animals in Canadian national and provincial parks.  When not editing work, I enjoy visiting Canada’s national and provincial parks, hiking, camping, and canoeing.

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